World Book of Records, United Kingdom will Felicitate Foreign Delegates in New Delhi

Delegates of 04 Continents will be honoured for their matchless contribution in promoting educational causes with the Certificate of Excellence.

NEW DELHI: Mr. Santosh Shukla, President & CEO, World Book of Records has disclosed that the organization is going to organize the felicitation ceremony on 29th October 2023 in Delhi. The event gathers educational leaders from 15 countries and educational -leaders & decision makers. On this occasion, the WBR will felicitate delegates who will attend the function under the leadership of Ms. Corina Sujdea, Romania, RELTTAW Founder, for their matchless contribution in promoting educational cause with the Certificate of Excellence. He said that in the felicitation ceremony, personalities of foreign delegation including Mr. Mokbel Mohamed Saleh Saif, Russia, Mr. Ryo Takahashi, Japan, Ms. Corina Sujdea, Romania, RELTTAW Founder, European Project coordinator, Mr. Francesco D’angelo , Italy,  Ms. Manuela Dan, Denmark,  Ms. Chiriac Mihaela, Romania, Frentescu Simona,  Romania, Andrei Veta, Romania, Dr. James Banwesa PhD, D.R. Congo, Africa, Mr. Sumudu Mendis, Sri Lanka, Ms. Ishangaliyeva Aiguli, Kazakhstan, Kanatova AizhanToleuovna, Kazakhstan, Tashmukhambetova Zhadyra, Kazakhstan, Kudubaeva Arailym, Kazakhstan, Zhumadilova Akhmaral, Kazakhstan, Armanu Teodora, Romania, Violeta Nistor, Romania, Moisa Ramona, Romania, Abed, Alsattar Alhamaida, Jordan, Mr. Ahmed Al-Aroumi, Yemen, Prof Ujjwal Anu Chowdhury, India, Dr. Malini Eaganathan, Malaysia, Mr. Saad Hassan Madar, Somalia, Mr. Md Sumon Rahman, Bangladesh and Mr. Govinda Prasad Panthy, Nepal will be felicitated by Hon’ble guest of the ceremony. The felicitation ceremony will be graced by prominent guests and intellectuals of society. #WBR


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