Santosh Shukla
Director General

Director General Message

Dear Members,

South Asian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI ) plays a catalytic role in the business, industrial development in the country while establishing sound industrial relations in the country and reinforce business community's commitment to the society. Besides it provides advisory services to government, lobby as and when required in formulation and execution of business and industry related policies, acts and programs friendly to the private sector.

As an umbrella organization of the private sector, the SACCI has been playing a key role in promoting business and industry in the country by providing the member bodies with a wide spectrum of services ranging from advisory, consultative, promotional, information sharing and representative services. The FCCISL’s commitment, drive and mission continue in the ever-changing economic landscape of SAARC Countries, chasing always a newer agenda.

In addition, SACCI keeps close peer relationships with Ministry of Trade and Industry for policy consultation and related projects throughout all exertions. A special project – Small and Medium size Entrepreneurs – which is in development is currently underway with assistance from the trade ministry. One of the main goals being creating awareness throughout the business community about government regulations and policies.

I would like to invite and all those Business Groups and visionary leaders of Corporate World who have excelled to boost Asian economy.

South Asian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI ) has initiated to make a sincere effort of value creation for SAARC industries and trade associations, to globally connect from all over the world for better commercial opportunities. Our objective is significantly playing a catalytic role in shaping up the Trade, Commerce, and Industrial environment of the SAARC countries.

SACCI is all set to redefine the dynamics of growth and development in the technology-driven cyber age to boost the global economy. With the aim of emerging as the fountainhead of information for business industries, it looks forward to organizations equipping itself to meet the goals of corporate industries in the ultra-modern world.

South Asian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is working towards creating an opportunistic environment for small industrial businesses to compete globally.

SACCI derives its vigor from the diverse Chambers and Commerce Industry Associations spread all over the Asia continent. It is established as a promoter Chambers to represent all Countries of SAARC globally.
I would Like to extend my congratulations and welcome all those chambers of commerce who have excelled to boost Asian economy and have been associated with SACCI .  

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