South Asian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SACCI ) represents its members’ interests on a global platform to connect thousands of business people and offers a wide range of useful business services with global network.​Our board of trade is a form of business network whose goal is to further the interests of businesses. In this vast platform, Business owners in towns and cities from local societies, advocate on behalf of the business community. SACCI is an organization where investing of time and money happens for a community development and program-working together, to improve the economic, civic, and cultural wellbeing of the society. It has initiated to make a sincere effort of value creation for the industries associated with South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) countries. South Asian member states include Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Our objective is significantly playing a catalytic role in shaping up the Trade, Commerce and Industrial environment of the SAARC countries and to globally connect industries and trade associations from all over the world for better commercial opportunities. ​

The objective also comprises of to support both domestic and international trade and commerce and reduce trade barriers while development favorable upbringing for the growth of commercial industries of SAARC countries.



Promote Entrepreneurial Activities, to Assist Enterprises Succeed.

SACCI is a true and effective Voice of SAARC countries Corporate world . Our viewpoints are fair, transparent and equitable, across a wide range of economic and social infrastructure such as education, health and environment.

A number of geo-political factors are responsible for this growth, but the most influential one is the enormous HR capital base of highly skilled managerial and technical manpower. SACCI is committed to help SAARC Business World accomplishing the targeted economic growth. ​


Join us For Business Excellence

Our mission is to help its members to develop and enhance their business capabilities.

SACCI offers a range of Business Advisory services through various programmes so the Small and Medium Enterprise Center (SME Centre) could grow and achieve their goals for better economy.

Our Mega Networking Events help Business to get the right investors. SACCI looks forwards to helping startup firms and small businesses with perceived, long-term growth potential.

How does SACCI function?

Promote Entrepreneurial Activities, to Assist Enterprises Succeed.

There are two primary functions of a SACCI:

Firstly – it acts as a spokesman for all sectors of business and professional community and translates the group thinking of its members into fruitful action.

Secondly – it renders a specific product or services type that can be most effectively and be beneficial by a business community organization and to its members for grabbing opportunities in the overseas markets .

Our main objective is to create an environment in which businesses can prosper.

Apart from that we promote interest in local business possibilities depends on the members working vigorously on the committees of their choice.Our goal is to improve the economic welfare of the community for industrial and business development, which supports new residents with their revenues for our community. It provides educational opportunities and assists businesses with the latest marketing and promotional techniques.

SACCI International Division undertakes activities to connect Indian business with global business and leads the efforts to develop global partnerships, create awareness on international opportunities and empower SAARC countries business in their global outreach for business expansion through its various International Business Promotion Councils. Here are take a glance on major activities undertaken by the division:

  • Overseas delegations Summit
  • International Conferences and Exhibitions on upgraded issues
  • Head of State meetings
  • Direct connectivity with Ministerial delegations
  • Strengthening business relations with Embassies/High Commissions
  • Forging collaborations with Global Associations
  • Solutions for Issue of Certificate of Origin & Visa Recommendation Letters

In an endeavor to expand SAARC Countries reach beyond the Asia continent, SACCI has set up overseas offices actively working towards trade and investment promotion. SACCIhas international collaborations with more than 150 counterpart organizations across the world. It serves as a platform for connecting SAARC commerce industries with the international business community of rest of the continents, especially Europe and Africa .

The International Division of SACCI is committed to help its members enhance efficiency, competitiveness and expanding business opportunities abroad through a range of specialized services and global connectivities.

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