COVID-19: Awareness Programme Avail E-Book, Quiz, and Certification


South Asian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI) has witnessed the impact of  Covid-19  pandemic  and realized the need and tend to sincerely initiate to act on its onus to aware people in general  of the nation and  employees, worker as well as students in particular with Awareness Certificate Programme by its Health Care Forum.  The forum has already been making various efforts in order to spread awareness on Covid-19 and on precautionary measures for the general and for the businesses and organizations to exercise towards ensuring safety of people and enabling a somewhat feasible environment to resume normalcy.

The World Health Organisation and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India have a pivotal role as they have been issuing several directives and guidelines regarding the pandemic for the organizations and the masses. SACCI’s Health Care Forum efforts to bring out this timely publication of a small booklet focusing on the Covid-19, problems and situations that the society is facing and preparedness within the given scenario.  Therefore, this document is made so that people become better aware, become alert, prepare to sustain in the prevailing conditions, and do their best  


This publication shall immensely help the common people, the working people, the employers and office bearers and all those concerned to open out and progress in this chaos,  whatsoever.  This useful and handy booklet shall enable to take a stock of situation resulting out of the pandemic and its impacts, to review the possible ways to cope with situation.

We invite you and encourage to undergo quick study of the literature compiled by our subject experts and enable preparedness for the time ahead around the pandemic and practice safety for thyself and the society at large.


Please go through the steps to register yourself through formalities, obtain your copy of this publication and also take up a short Quiz to test your understanding and readiness to meet the progressing world again. Towards the token of recognition of your interest and active participation in this unique and crisp awareness programme, we shall be most glad to award a Certificate of Participation right from our apex SACCI Head Quarters for your benefit.  

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