South Asian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SACCI) Paves the way for USA-Africa Companies collaborative Venture

Director General of SACCI Santosh Shukla congratulated over the trans-continental economic venture

New Delhi : With an intention to highlight the potential of the global economy and how it can transform the industry, South Asian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI) pave the strong platform for US -Afro Companies collaborative ventures. This was briefed by Shri Santosh Shukla (Director General) of SACCI. He said that HyperBeans Inc. of Newcastle (WA) United States of America and Brand Speak Global Ltd. Gasabo, Kigali ,Rwanda have signed a collaborative initiative  at the vast platform of SACCI. Collaborative players Prakash Sharma-CEO HyperBeans Inc. and Deepak Shukla-CEO Brand Speak Global Ltd. Gasabo exchanged the document and will soon sign the MoU. On this occasion, Mr. Avinash Shukla and Mr. Mathieu (Mumbai) was present. Brand Speak Global Ltd. Gasabo, Kigali, Rwanda provides creative solutions for brands by identifying opportunities, amplifying brand promises and evaluating the results, all steps towards extending the brand values of our clients. With a goal, a journey, of Brand Speak, helping brands connect & communicate effectively with the TG to Brands Peak, taking the brand to its summit in the mind space of its TG as a valued T.O.M brand. While HyperBeans Inc. of Newcastle (WA) United States of America provides  Personalize IT solutions, big data engineering, product transformation, ecommerce and software, Innovative Mobile Apps Developing and Web Design & Development with quality to fulfill international norms. Both the collaborative players would work for East, South and North Africa to improve and develop governance and government policies in both academic and industrial segments through various thresholds in IT and ICT related fields. On being vital collaborative players on the platform of SACCI, Prakash Sharma (CEO) and Deepak Shukla (CEO) were congratulated by international industrial and corporate communities.

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